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  1. Drawing: Carlos Luís Sánchez Becerra 2015

    Drawing: Carlos Luís Sánchez Becerra 2015

    Drawing-Portrait of Lalo Gomes by Carlos Luís Sánchez Becerra for the performance series "WOrdHOles" (2016).

  2. Lalo Gomes

    Born in Venezuela, lives and works in Berlin

    Cert. Drama Arts, BA Social Communication and Media Studies & MA Performing Practices and Visual Culture.

    Conceptual. Experiential. Critical. Historiographical. His artworks constantly shape-shift. The same pluralistic approach for his established dramaturgical pratice. In Gomes researching may be emotionography, conterquestion, imagination, curatorship. His sprawling series of events, meanwhile, are as sociological as they are immersive. Each particular event is an invitation to share concrete space-time situations, and live in an open ending narrative.

    LaLoVe’s Kitchen is both a cooking and performance project developed and researched by Lalo Gomes. Since 2019, it has produced multiple series of events and engaging activities in collaboration with, among other Berlin-based artists and organisations, Pepe Dayaw, Jao Moon, Aerea Negrot, Pedra Acosta, Soy Division, Nowhere Kitchen, Sari-Sari e. V, Arts of The Working Class and Foodculture days.

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