Painting portrait in acrylic by Venezuelan artist friend Carlos Luis Sánchez Becerra.


Lalo Gomes is a wide-ranging stage and research artist born in Venezuela in 1989, and living in Berlin city since 2013.

Gomes offers a peculiar, multi-layer vision of the stage arts through a work nourished by his journals in the field of drama, theatre, linguistics, cinema, and other forms of artistic discipline, including research-based and community-oriented performance practices.

He is working as an actor and director of fictional, literary and experimental theater plays, as well as a dramaturg on textual, audio-visual, action-related and spatial dramaturgy-process.

Outside formal theater contexts, the artist is co-elaborating, hosting, cooking and lecturing in collective, open-space, participatory and community-hearted artistic performances.

Lalo´s theatrical stylistics are characterized by an acentuation on action observations, image-scene, and voice. His performative events, on the other hand, unfold following live, conceptual, and socially-engaged art´s logic.

In both cases, all those elements complement each other and contribute to the richness of Lalo Gomes´s creative, critical and speculative performing stlye.

In his research, the artist focuses on woring with inherited fictions, cultural discourses, prevalent values and moral fantasies in relation to historiographical memory, language performativity, aesthetics of physicality and space ideologies; all subverted by unconventional boundaries of social behaviour and transgressive demand of individual responsibility in collective sensemaking.  

>> Download a more detailed biography + full cv here (PDF)


Gomes - together with Venezuelan artist Carolina Ortega, formed the duo “Gegen Buterflies”, currenly caring for both an artistic, historiographical and multimedia archive on Venezuela 1989-2019, and a performance theater play, to be premiered in Ballhaus Ost Berlin, 2020.

During this Summer/Fall, Lalo is a resident artist at Sari-Sari Salon, where he will be hosting a open-public program made of dramatic, hot and extraterrestrial evening performances, with the support of Pepe Dayaw & Nowhere Kitchen.

Lalo Gomes is the dramaturg of Every can be everybody cannot be, a performance by colombian dancer, performer and choreographer Jair Luna, to be played in Ballhaus Naunynstraße next October 19, 20, 21, 22 & 23.


2013 // Master’s Degree in Performing Art Practices and Visual Culture.

Alcalá University, ARTEA.  Reina Sofía Museum of Contemporary Art - Study Center, La Casa Encendida and Matadero Art Center. Madrid, Sp.

2011 // Majored in both, Hispanic Language and Culture and Mass-Media Communication University Studies.

La Universidad del Zulia and URBE respectively. Maracaibo, Vzla.

2006 // Diploma in Dramatic Arts.

Rajatabla Foundation. Caracas, Vzla.




2018 // “Was sehen Sie auf dem Bild?” Philosophy Unbound Open Stage. Berliner Ringtheater. Berlin, De.

2017 // “Suicide Mama” Liber Null Art Event. Arena Club. Berlin, De.

2013 // “Einfach so” w/ Claudia Faci. Teatro Pradillo. Madrid, Es.

2012 // “Punto Muerto” Theater Uncut Festival. London, En.

2011 // “Yo, El Actor” Monologue. Teatro Baralt. Maracaibo, Vzla.

2010 - 2008 // Founder of “La Casa Teatro”. Maracaibo, Vzla. Lose independent and interdisciplinary collective art-house.

2007 // “Los Muertos Las Prefieren Gordas” - La Olla  International Theater Festival.  Santiago de Chile, Chile.  


2017// “Wordholes” (Premiere) Philosophy Unbound Open Stage. Edelweiss. Berlin, De.

2014-2015 // “Love Kollaps” Somos Art House & Nowhere Kitchen. Berlin, De.

2013 // “Hot Acts” w/ Pepe Patricio Month of Performance Art - Berlin. De.

2013 //  “YO-GOT” ACUD Gallery. Berlin, De.

2012 // “Situaciones (A)Dramáticas” Espacio en Blanco. Madrid, Es.

2012 // “El  Patatero” w/ Pedro Alba. Acción!MAD Live Art International Festival. MATADERO Contemporary Art Center.  Madrid, Es.

2011 //  “Gallo Gallina. Versos sobre Acciones Sexuadas”. La Xata La Rifa - International Performance Art Festival in Rural Communities. Asturias, Es.

2010 // “Desechotrópolis” Velada de Santa Lucía & 54th International Art Exhibition "Biennale de Venezia". Maracaibo & Venezia.  


2015 // “Para qué sirven las palabras” Maracaibo Fine Arts Center. Mcbo, Vzla.

2013 // “Tele-Socio-Dramas” Tres Sardinas. Madrid, Es.

2012 // “A qué estamos Jugando” Interdisciplinary  Symposium. Valencia, Es.

2011 // “Una cosa muerta” w/ Óscar Cornago. Asturias Anthropological Center. Asturias, Es.