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  1. Hosting & Planning: Private Sessions, Group Meals and Culinary Events 

    €20.00/hr (or per arrangment)

    In my cooking, I combine storytelling with commensality. I’ve always been drawn toward traditional rituals and loving care practices, and particularly group cooking and eating in which hospitality is inherent.

    My coming to cook was, on the one hand, working in restaurants, catering and food trucks as émigré; and, on the other hand, running cooking and performance project LaLoVe's Kitchen for three years and counting.

    It was Latin-American food culture that first entranced me; years later, through practice, I am struck by the dramatic quality of food. It can transform a person's spirit, boundaries and behaviour within a social milieu.

    Using both pan-cultural recipes and from experimental cuisine, I create narrative meals that stir people's emotions, relive shared memories, bring something new or give them warmth. For me, caring about food and people means making our world a better place.