LA❤️´S KITCHEN: LATIN MIDWEEK-DRAMA RECIPES WEDNESDAY, 26 June, 24 July, and 25 September, 30 October and 27 November 2019 - from 20: 00 to 23:00 pm // Sari-Sari Salon



25 people


People with migrant and/or racialized backgrounds or experiences who are interested in reflecting on their Drama life experiences. Specially at people from all over who want to take time for questioning the `I conquer ́ ideology (European colonial model) that demarcates and regulates emotional aspects as an instrument of subjection, modelling or social replication. 


Pepe Dayaw, Carolina Ortega…


With the support of Nowhere Kitchen and Sari-Sari Salon, La❤️´s Kitchen will be a monthly date for boiling up affections, desires, sexualities and cultural identities in a common cookfire space of healing justice through food and affective-physical encounters.

The idea of this collective Midweek-Drama series is to encounter the idiosyncratic pathways that envelop Latin´s Dramatic mythology in Berlin - Germany. Each event constitutes an invitation to learn from cross-border culinary practices, engage in contextualized conversations and collective discussions, dance body to body and heart to heart and sing bleached lyrics from the bloody skin.

La❤️´s Kitchen aims to become an intercultural relationship force of support for political good. Moreover, a form of raising common migrant memory and demand accountability on the Latin Drama and its deemed subjects (unbalanced emotions, bittersweet tenderness, breathtaking commitment, over the top expressions, sentimental pain, passionate rage) in the present affective-physical geography.


La❤️´s Kitchen #1

La❤️´s Kitchen #2