artistic director

audiovisual artist

Plural researcher


self-taught cook

creativity gurú

Lalo Gomes (1989) is what other artists are not, off course himself- inclusive. His interest is to remain as an uncompromised artist, which sounds quite romantic ‘artistically’ speaking in this times when the `art world´ is so much full of pretentious compromises... but being always the owner of his own name it is fact Lalo´s philosophical desire.  

In 2018 Lalo celebrates 10 years of artistic life, a time he has invested into creating, producing, directing and collaborating in more than 25 different works in the fields of dramatic and post-dramatic theater, live art, site-specific performance, audiovisual art, dance-dramaturgy, conceptual art and social interactives modes of art practice.

Besides his artistic work, Gomes gives sessions of creativity channeling, promotes alternative thinking through lectures and workshops, and cooks for people who are interested in his culinary way of making stories.

Professional Carrier:

Art. Cert. Dramatic Theater Actor

TNT (Taller Nacional de Teatro) Grupo Rajatabla / Caracas Vzla.

B. S. Mass Communication

URBE / Maracaibo Vzla.

B.A. Hispanic Language and Culture

LUZ/ Maracaibo Vzla.

M.A Performing Arts and Visual Culture

Alcalá University - Reina Sofía Museum Center of Studies / Madrid Spain.